ACU Profile:

ACU Bullion Limited is the member of The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (member number: 015), and the main business is the trade of physical precious metals trading and gold bars retail; with keen market sense and rich experience, good network and perfect enterprise management mode, we constantly attract talent and expand the business. We have professional team, and adhere to the spirit of customers first to provide 24-hour online service and telephone consultation with high quality, and we believe that we certainly can bring unprecedented and all-round high-quality services to customers.


ACU Service

ACU Service High-quality 24-hour online service and customer telephone enquiry hotline, solve customers’ questions and enquiries within the possible shortest period of time.


Advantages of ACU

24-hour quotation and trading services

1: As an active participant in the precious metal market, the company provides 24-hour precious metal quotation and trading services, with high transparency, helping you to capture every investment opportunity at all times


2: Platform advantage

The international trading platform, simple and clear operation, set up multiple regional servers at the same time, to provide customers with more stable and faster transactions


3: Physical trading of Precious Metals has great potential

The company provides physical trading of precious metals, 100% physical delivery, each time can be used for small purchases, each transaction can be as low as 1 ounce, customers can buy and sell in segments, which is beneficial for investment, and you can contact the relevant weight of the package. The company's customer service arranges delivery.

4: Multiple types of trading instructions

The company’s trading platform provides a variety of trading instructions, including limit orders, stop-loss orders and same-day orders, which are convenient for customers to carry out more flexibly.


ACU Qualification